ETH Zurich Foundation, Editorial


Dear donors,
dear friends of ETH,

The origins of ETH Zurich date back to 1855. Values such as entrepreneurial spirit and service to society have shaped it ever since its foundation. Those values manifest themselves in different ways in each era. Today, ETH is characterised not only by excellent research and teaching, but also by a lively start-up culture. The planned ETH Centre for Students and Entrepreneurs is an important milestone in further promoting entrepreneurial spirit.

Thanks to donors and partners, ETH is able to support outstanding talents and to accelerate strategic projects. They share the values of ETH, show support wherever they can and enable ETH, and thus society as a whole, to keep moving forward. Not only Switzerland benefi ts from a strong ETH; as a top university, it is connected worldwide. The network of its donors extends all over the world with a focus on Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

Your support enables ETH to be what it is: an institution whose influence radiates far beyond our national borders and which has the potential to fi nd solutions to the greatest challenges of our time. We thank you for this. The successes on the following pages are also yours.

ETH Zurich Foundation, Editorial

Professor Pius Baschera
Chair of the Board of Trustees

ETH Zurich Foundation, Editorial

Professor Joël Mesot
President of ETH Zurich, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

ETH Zurich Foundation, Editorial

Dr Donald Tillman
Managing Director

Highlights 2021

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