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Poly Fund

Because turning visionary projects into reality requires greater freedom

Great things begin with a vision and the will to shape the future together. Unrestricted donations to the ETH Foundation are used by the ETH Board as a catalyst to realise visions and enable opportunities in teaching and research to be acted upon immediately. By not earmarking your donation, you give ETH Zurich more freedom to drive ideas to fruition quickly, flexibly and unbureaucratically.

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Projects & funding opportunities

Your commitment makes great things happen. There are many ways to support teaching and research at ETH Zurich. Do you have a personal request or a specific funding wish? Then we would be pleased to hear from you.

Un-earmarked support

The ETH Foundation supports top-class research and excellent teaching at ETH, thus contributing to the development of solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time and strengthening Switzerland’s position as a hub for knowledge and business. Making a general, non-earmarked donation allows the university the greatest possible flexibility. ETH can, for example, create new professorships or support exceptional research projects

Earmarked support

An earmarked donation allows you to support specific strategic projects at ETH or a subject area of your choice. Are you passionate about supporting excellent students, researchers with entrepreneurial ambitions or outstanding female scientists at ETH Zurich? Do you want to enable innovation in a particular research field such as climate change, sustainable food systems, healthy ageing or quantum research? The ETH Foundation will be happy to help you find a cause close to your heart.

Support in your name

You can provide long-term support for a cause close to your heart or ETH in general through a named fund. We will set up a fund in your name, for your chosen purpose, e.g. the “Joanna Smith Fund for the Promotion of Excellent Female Students” or the “John Smith Fund for the Promotion of Climate Research”. We will provide regular updates on the supported projects and the fund’s finances. We will also give your named fund the level of publicity you wish.

Making an impact beyond your lifetime

By leaving a legacy or bequest to the ETH Foundation, you can make a lasting commitment to those topics and values that are particularly important to you – from a commitment to excellent talent to the promotion of a specific field of research. This way, you create a memento of your life and make an effective contribution to a brighter future.

Bequeathing property

Your emotional attachment to your home tends to grow over the course of a lifetime as it becomes a place of life-defining experiences and milestones. This makes it all the more understandable that you want to know that your property will be in
good hands when you are no longer around. As a reliable partner, the ETH Foundation ensures that donations, legacies or bequests of property are handled professionally. Together with Immobilien ETHZF AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the ETH Zurich Foundation, set up specifically to manage real estate on behalf of ETH Zurich, we will ensure that your interests and wishes are respected.

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